Martin Bricelj Artist Talk

november 2009
MNAC, Bucharest, Romania
Martin Bricelj discussed his recent works RoboVox and Public Avatar and presented MoTA initiative.
Pecha Kucha Night: A celebration

Pecha Kucha Night vol.1

5.4. 2007
Martin Bricelj gave a presentation of his Pornogobelin project at the first Pecha Kucha night in Ljubljana. His presentation was published in the first and so far only Pecha Kucha Night book entitled A celebration. It was chosen among thousands of presentations worldwide, along with 30 others.
 "The well tested recipe for bursts of laughter!" Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.

'Using Interactive Communication Technology' presentation at IFEA, Athens

14.2. - 18. 2. 2007
IFEA Europe Annual Conference, Athens
Using four of his projects as case studies, Martin Bricelj showed how you can use interactive communication technology for your events.

Tapio Wirkkala Workshop for children

During the exhibition of Finnish design legend Tapio Wirkkala in October 2005 Martin Bricelj and Davor Bauk carried out a thematic workshop for children. Forty children participated in the workshops, which were organised with the help of Teleray d.o.o., the distributor of Nokia in Slovenia.