Sonica 2010: Real Virtuality

19- 25 October 2010
Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Sonica is a sound and space experiment, an attempt to transform a classical exhibition space into a field of events, performances, workshops and lecture

Pornogobelin Event in Šumi

December 1st, 2005
Šumi, Ljubljana
The exhibition of sensual gobelins has opened to the music of renowned zitherist Tanja Zajc Zupan, accompanied by a performance by Tina Kolenik and an exclusive auction. The opening took place on Thursday, 1st December 2005 at the lavish bourgeois house Šumi on 16 Slovenska Street, Ljubljana. By invitation only.


December 2004
Project 024 is a multimedia project conceived as an open creative platform in the form of a 24 hour event. The event was first took place in 2004 during the new year shopping season in a well frequented public space, the former Astra shopping center on the main road of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was a visual and audio exhibition illustrating the concepts of time, work and consumerism.

This urban action attempted to offer a critical perspective on contemporary western society norms and values which have been moulded by capital.
The exhibition was staged as a 24 hour protest where anyone could participate with their own visual and audio material. The participating artists expressed their dissagreement with today's society through graphic arts, posters and visual and moving images (VJ-ing).
 Unemployment on sale!"