DarkStar on Kinetica Artfair in London

9.2.2012 to 12.2.2012
Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
DARKSTAR PREVIEW AT KINETICA Announcing an exclusive Kinetica preview of DarkStar, an innovative immersive installation currently in the final stages of development. Video footage of the project will be on display and project initiator Martin Bricelj Baraga will be present.
 “After 2 successful exhibitions at the ICA and co-curating SonicMaze exhibiton at Netaudio Festival in Roundhouse media artist Martin Bricelj Baraga returns with preview of his new collaborative project DarkStar at Kinetica.”

Memory Play

An interactive gallery installation and web project. Memory game is realized as an interactive video cube and a web project. At this moment, the Memory project exists in several incarnations. The first uses Martin Bricelj's photos of urban details for its imagery, one is a pictorial overview of Slovene graphic design, one intruduces slovenian industrial design, Memory Play Europe combined motive from European capitals and the last one was comissioned from Platform Central Europe. Find it at the section Projects- Discoveries and Inventions. All have excited many players of all generations.

024- Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Project 024 subtitled 'Buy Me, Love Me, Marry Me' took place in Rio de Janeiro, one of the main centers of sex tourism in the world. By staging a research project, street action and an installation in the A Gentil Carioca gallery in the center of Rio, the author attempted to shed light on the issue of prostitution as a phenomenon.