DarkStar is an interactive sculpture for public space that generates an audio/visual interpretation of its direct and indirect surroundings. The installation reacts to the space it is situated in but also to stellar developments and virtual data from the web.

Transitory Network Forum

22- 24 july 2011
The Transitory Network Public Forum (TNPF) is a platform, a knowledge sharing and a networking event that will take place in Belgrade during the last week of July 2011. The three day Forum will be hosted by the cultural organization Treći Beograd and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Belgrade (Serbia) and will be organized by MoTa - Museum of Transitory Art (Slovenia) in collaboration with Kitchen Budapest (Hungary) and Cenatus CIC (London, UK), partners and founding members of the future Transitory Network. The Forum will comprehend presentations, debates, info platforms and public interventions.

New Human

April 2011-
An artistic encounter with monuments dedicated to the ‘New Human’ in the cities of Eastern Europe accompanied by a documentary project by MoTA. New Human is an art project aiming to unfold the importance of the sculptural presence of an era not long passed, but already almost erased from the collective memory. Martin Bricelj Baraga and film director Igor Zupe, in collaboration with researchers Blaž Kosovel and Igor Bijuklić, will engage in a creative dialogue researching the individual stories connected to monumental sculptures representing the so called ‘New Human’. The project will combine inter-media, collaborative and socially engaging creative practices resulting in a documentary movie portraying the gap between past hopes and present reality.
 An artistic encounter with monuments dedicated to the ‘New Human’ in the cities of Eastern Europe accompanied by a documentary project by MoTA.

Public Avatar

March 2009
Public Avatar a new project documenting the relationship between virtual reality and our perceptions of self and society. This installation will allow a global audience to explore real-world locations remotely, and to interact with objects and people in those locations through real-time control of a human test subject. As digital and physical worlds collide, the boundaries between self and other, reality and simulation are constantly challenged and redefined.
 The frontier between real and virtual is getting smaller and smaller as the time we spend on internet is increasing, so public avatar, by mixing those two realities, helps us to understand the processes which are going on, a kind of modern state of "who we are". (user from Tallinn)

RoboVox_Your Voice

June 2007 -
RoboVox is a large (8m high) interactive public sound installation using SMS for general public interaction. It will be installed in crowded metropolitan squares preferably on those carrying some social or even political connotation. Its purpose is to serve as a tool for an individual, who's voice usually gets lost in the sounds of the mass, the society. An individual can send a text message using his mobile phone to the dedicated RoboVox's number. Upon receiving the SMS RoboVox says out loud the statement, the protest, the declaration of love, or whatever the message may read, thus lending its voice to the anonymous individual.
 Robot Overlord booms text messages to trembling squalls."